You, cool and savvy person who knows a thing or two about digital art: Dolly, this is pretty busy. You want to avoid visual clutter so the reader doesn’t get overstimulated. It’s hard to know what to focus on this way. (Also, you did 400 other basic drawing things wrong.)

Me: Ah, yes! I don’t want to reveal it all now, but the visual clutter is intentional and serves at least four different purposes. This is Yuan’s first day in a new city, for example, so I want the reader to feel overstimulated with him. (Also, I know I am doing 400 basic drawing things wrong—I’m still doing my portraiture & anatomy drills—and yes, I can see the perspective :/)

Plus also I want to offer two opportunities for extra credit:

  • How many cameos can you recognize? (I’ll drop links in a couple days but do want to give people time to guess first.)
  • What unforgivable NYC pedestrian sin is Xiyuan committing that’s causing him to collide with everyone on the sidewalk?

(The next one is *also* a doozy, but again, I’ll try to get it together ASAP!)