Dolly placing Landgraab Apartments: Ok, so Spice Market is Jackson Heights, obviously, which would suggest the Casbah Gallery is in Brooklyn—likely Bushwick or Williamsburg—but when I think galleries I think Chelsea, especially in the late nineties when gentrification just started picking up steam, and Chelsea is probably close to or in Fashion District. So Xiyuan would probably want to be near the M for work, and probably also has an office in Fashion District, where the E would be the best choice but you can also get there on the 1 or 9 if you really like walking, and of course he’d want a straight shot to either Museum Mile or Lincoln Center, which suggests he’d ideally be around 53rd and Lex. Does make you question which direction north is, and how “up” uptown is, but whatever. Oh, and this is right around when the stuff with the 6 happened. Hahaha, he’s going to be so pissed when he realizes he has to transfer to get to Lincoln Center, hahaha

Dolly placing the Von Haunt Estate: It’s in England somewhere

(The last three pages have been low key, but the next one is. A. Doozy. I’ll try my best. There’s a high chance I’ll miss an update, but I’ll do my best.)

(And if you’re a fellow SimLit author who wants a Sim cameo, now is the time to strike.)