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Much like agriculture started the downfall of man, free will was the beginning of the end for the Lius and Jeong-Espinosas. Their choices could lead to the blossoming of an epic romance or the dissolution of a suffocating marriage, a life spent pleasing their parents or a life spent trying to break from their influence, a life spent exploiting what their world has to offer or just living in it.

But the two skilled families have their pick of life-prolonging talismans. Ambrosia. Books of life. Death flowers. Potions of Youth. In essence, they’re not dying or staying dead unless they want to. So while they have their spats and live their lives, their minds churn with the sum total of their experiences, each feeding that ultimate decision, the final choice that might be the most disturbing implication of the Sim universe.

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Table of Contents
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Linda reveals to Ulfer’s third eye the plan to liberate the next child.

In Progress: The Choosing or Pot Christ Child Liberation
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Latest post: Haunted 1-56

An eccentric art dealer uproots his life and finds love in an unexpected place. Said unexpected place is the Von Haunt Estate. He’s a weird dude.