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Latest post: Venus in Retrograde Rising (Part II) and What Ulfer Learned on Spiritual Journey, because we do shit like not publish for a month and now we’re in the same state, so we’re sitting in my living room with our laptops and this happened

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Catastrophe Theory

Author: Dolly Llama
Updates on some Sundays
(Next 4/04/20. I’ve decided to release these longer chapters in pieces so I can update more frequently! Hurrah!)

An ensemble cast of characters deals with consequences in a world with no consequences, cruelty in a world without cruelty, death in a world where death is a choice. What starts as standard first-person gameplay narration evolves into a darkly introspective piece that blurs the line between player and Sim.

Table of Contents
Latest post: Venus in Retrograde Rising (Part II)

River Indigo solicits members for their band, Venus in Retrograde, and by members we mean an array of predictably wacky misfit characters. Four more of those!

Scheduled: Sunshine and Laughter (Part I)

In progress: Sunshine and Laughter (Part II)
Outline (rough)/Poses/Gameplay/Screenshots/Outline(detailed)/First Draft 10%/Edits

Gnome Dome of Opiome

Author: Simister
Next update: Time is a capitalist illusion, man, that’s what the elf people in the log told me


Table of Contents
Latest post: What Ulfer Learned on Spiritual Journey

How Ulfer learned about cosmic unity from glossolalic aliens while wandering the astral plane. Linda clarifies the relationship between rocks and volcanoes.

In Progress: The Choosing or Pot Christ Child Liberation
Gameplay/Screenshots/First Draft ?%/Edits