With suspense at an all-time high, the sims are pushed to their limits. Hector enters adulthood with a hate-fueled drive to succeed. Chantel’s career gives her the coping mechanisms she needs and more than a couple shin bruises. Xiyuan and Bernard reveal more of their authentic selves, to the dismay and delight of everyone around them. Jo and Jasper add new and old faces alike to their growing family. But while many smaller mysteries get resolved, they’re minor-league distractions from the decision at the back of the sims’ minds: what are they going to do with the knowledge that they can beat death?

At least a couple people think they’ve figured it out.

Chapter List

CHAPTER 1: Grand Theft
(Part I, Part II, Part III)
Hector re-evaluates his living situation after Claudia’s death.

CHAPTER 2: Unacknowledged Legislators, Remixed
(Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V)
Venus in Retrograde gets off the ground, forming a cohesive identity and tearing up Patton’s in the process.

CHAPTER 3: All the Trappings of Hell

CHAPTER 4: Modern Victorian Gentlemen

CHAPTER 5: No Quinceañera For You

CHAPTER 6: House of Bees and Ill Repute

CHAPTER 7: To Tempt Red Death

CHAPTER 8: When a Narcissist Dies

CHAPTER 9: And I Said Don’t Duet

CHAPTER 10: Merry Winterfest, You Pricks

CHAPTER 11: The Shallot-Lius Corrupt the Youth

CHAPTER 12: Abuela’s