You, ’90s NYC expert: Uh, Metrocards in the late ’90s had a much smaller white band, and the “INSERT THIS WAY” strip was a duller gold.

Me: Arrggh, I know, I merged layers like an idiot and had to move on. Arrrgh. Trust me, I’m upset with myself too. But on the bright side, I did remember that the 6 didn’t resume stopping at local stops until later that year, and you can look forward to a shiny green sticker haphazardly slapped on next to the others in subsequent comics.

(Sometimes Simlish will be translated, sometimes not because blee bloo blah excuses. But I can promise no gratuitous Chinese. Jokes that someone wouldn’t catch unless they spoke Chinese, though, those’ll be chilling with the stealth theater jokes Yuan is fond of.)

(Some cameos here, but the last three people are rando townies I pulled out of my ass because there were no takers.)