The tension in Book I can’t be kept under the surface anymore: here it starts bubbling out onto everyone’s shoes. Shu and Claudia struggle to take control of their failing relationships. Kendra finds a way to Keep Strangerville Weird as the Jeong-Espinosas handle an unexpected family tragedy. Liu family drama trickles into the San Myshuno music scene, as if tainting the San Myshuno art scene wasn’t enough. And when the game mechanics poetically thrust the family into the next step in their existential journey, nobody is prepared for it.


This is where we’ll put the Book II summary when the whole thing’s completely written.

Chapter List

CHAPTER 1: Love Day, Actually
Chantel and Shu reflect on the past and future of their relationship on Love Day. Shu throws a touch of shade at the wardrobe choices in Legally Blonde.

CHAPTER 2: No Place for a Heroine
In order for there to be a Strangerville heroine, she has to be willing to make Strangerville less weird. You can guess what happens when we send Kendra there.

CHAPTER 3: Is this Loss?
Jo and Jasper handle an unexpected development in their own ways: blogging and memes, respectively.

CHAPTER 4: Al Mal Tiempo, Buena Cara
A Selvadorada trip has severe consequences for Hector and his parents.

CHAPTER 5: Look What You’ve Done to Me, Xishu Liu
Jasper basks in the attention of his found family before it gets ripped apart by a diagnosis.

CHAPTER 6: Tarantella
Shu mixes several dance metaphors in the process of explaining why he does what he does.

CHAPTER 7: Bathed in Blue: The Induction of a Legend
H&Maid Magazine interviews a Spice District rapper, River Indigo.

CHAPTER 8: Unlike Mike
(Part I, Part II)
Claudia strategizes with her cohorts on the Liu side about the stuff that went down in Selvadorada.

CHAPTER 9: Venus in Retrograde Rising
(Part I, Part II)
River holds auditions for an indie band.

CHAPTER 10: Sunshine and Laughter
(Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX, Part X, Part XI)
Claudia reflects on the past while preparing to take the next big step in her life.

CHAPTER 11: The Reaper’s White Elephant
(Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V)
Kendra receives conflicting eyewitness accounts about a recent event and talks to Bernard about what it feels like to die.

EPILOGUE: Marigolds/Cempazúchil
Then she writes a poem about it.