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Because occasionally Dolly goes into a depressive episode and learns a bunch of stuff about Blender and Photoshop, then uses her time to make stupid shit instead of focusing on important work deadlines.

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Pride Tux and Tailcoat

Because everyone needed formalwear with a tinyass pride pin that pushes the limits of what DDS compression finds acceptable! (For some of these, I did everything short of writing the compression algorithm myself to remove those pesky artifacts. Apologies to my trans siblings; lossy compression seems to particularly dislike the trans pride flag.)

Tested in-game, should be base-game compatible. This is my first CC, so do let me know if there are any issues/also how to fix said issues.

Pride tailcoat (Dropbox) (10 colors, just the rainbow flag.)
Pride tux (Dropbox) (12 flags, black only)

Pose credit: Cheers by SimmerBerlin. CC credit: Earrings by Blahberry Pancake, piercings/glasses by Praline, River’s hair by ???? (downloaded forever ago, help)