Happy holidays, everyone!

Slowly, and with the help of everyone here, I am getting out of this depression fog! It’s a lot to process when your life goes in a different direction than how you expected—especially if you sunk a lot of time into your chosen profession and were pushed out by factors beyond your control—but after some self-discovery and examining my priorities, I feel ready to move forward in a way that makes sense.

CT and Haunted will continue. How often I post depends on my motivation and energy. Since I already tend to swing negative, positive feedback and encouragement are the easiest way for me to generate more motivation and energy, and I have to thank those in the Leafbearers server for keeping me going. It is a magical place, and you all are amazing <3

If you’re a silent reader, please do consider dropping a note (in the comments, email, whatever’s most convenient) or joining the Discord. CT/Haunted is so weird and obscure, it’s hard not to have natural chemistry with other readers.

(Fine. CT is. Haunted was my attempt to do something for the normies.)

But whatever you feel comfortable doing, know that I appreciate you! Running this project has taught me loads about what’s important, and helped me build up the first community where I feel I can truly be myself. That’s priceless.