I’ve noticed in some webcomics that characters’ names appear more frequently in the accompanying text than in the main work, and as a result find myself forgetting everyone’s name. So that’s why Xiyuan’s parents called him by his full name twice, we’ve seen it again on his mailbox, and now here he is introducing himself in-universe.

If I ever fail to tell you a character’s name within a page of their introduction, please yell at me. It’s the same rule for referencing figures.



I’m not quite done with work writing, and the next CT chapter is an absolute bastard. You’ll see. That said, I’m going to start popping back in once a week or so to catch up on my favorite SimLits and post some drawings!



I was messing around in the String Table Lookup and found this thing that Bernard actually says in the actual game. It’s canon. And who if not Xiyuan would pick up on a dangling modifier in casual conversation? So now you have this exchange to look forward to, which occurs so far in the future that we’ll all have forgotten about it by then:

B: My dream was to be one of the greats, living forever on the tongues of men.
X: Should I interpret that as meaning you wanted your name to live forever on the tongues of men?
B: I said what I said.