It works like this: you have the whole scene in your head, it’s so clear. She bursts up and yells “Who wants coffee?” to the whole office. All eyes will be on her; that’s what’s going to happen. Then you realize Iliana’s hiding under her desk behind the partition, Ari’s behind the same partition, Sergio’s behind a different partition, Miles is at the reception desk, Sirak is installing the landline in Xiyuan’s office, and Gail is hiding in the basement storage area. Now she’s just yelling to what looks like an empty office. You, of course, realize this after you’ve inked the background in that humdinger of a last panel. You stare at the screen and think about what you’ve done. You say to yourself, “fuck it, there are rap songs and illustrations of ghost snails on the line,” and keep chugging forward anyway.

The answer is me. I want coffee.

(If you’re curious, I’ll just drop this link here.)

(Also—I know this is a bit too late—if you usually get links to the new stuff from the forums, I don’t really feel comfortable on the forums anymore, so I’m going to stop posting there for a while. Sorry!)