In which Yuan’s inner monologue doesn’t match his furniture.

I don’t know why I’m being coy about what he’s done when seasoned CT readers can point to exactly which chapter this is. Maybe it’s because many webcomics feature unsolved mysteries as a driving story element, and we can pretend we’re one of those for a hot second.

Also: In case you haven’t done so already, if you’re keeping tabs on white supremacists, report anyone you recognize at the riot to I, infuriatingly enough, had to do this.

The worst thing about the attempted coup last week is that it isn’t over yet. The same domestic terrorists are planning attacks on January 17th, January 19th, and Inauguration Day. Dr. Golbeck has been keeping track of them and updating the general public.

Anyway, my plan here has always been to practice communication skills on my silly fanfic blog before making accessible mathematical philosophy/critical thinking/manipulation/oppression resources. I feel like my strategy could still use some tweaking, but, man, does the world need critical thinking right now. If my planning takes off, there’s a chance I might have to put these side projects on hold again.