Medrod Nussbaum
Lace Study


A tatted doily is the subject of this artist’s precision study, the goal being to preserve the radial symmetry and organic lines as closely as possible while still retaining the imperfections of the original lacework. Hella challenging for a traditional painter.


Ramona Vaughan
What If the Walls Fell Down (5)


This imaginative photorealistic series explores themes of artifice and privacy. In the fifth work, a provincial single-family home sits wall-less in a thunderstorm, its contents warm and inviting despite their exposure to the raging elements outside. Without a living subject, the viewer is asked to attribute personality to the building itself, provoking feelings of gratitude for the warmth and shelter our houses provide.


Shu Liu
Daddy & Me

Using a medium reminiscent of very early Picasso, the artist explores his burgeoning self-identity and fine motor skills in this charming piece. At first glance this may appear to be a self-portrait; yet our focus is only briefly directed to the centered artist before we are compelled to follow his gaze to the father figure beside him. Of course, this reflects the almost co-dependent yearning for what the child perceives as both his past and future. It is left to the viewer whether the abstract balloons, easily mistaken for fantastical trees or gargantuan confections, are meant to contrast with the stability of the paternal relationship, or to highlight that this life stage itself is celebratory, but fleeting. (There is also the more literal interpretation, that they merely indicate the artist’s desire for a balloon.)

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