My apologies for the off-weeks, y’all. What’s going on is that the art style I want requires a much deeper understanding of form and anatomy—and figure drawing in particular—than I currently have, so I spent the last couple of weekends grinding.

Thank you all for being patient with me! For those who aren’t coming from Catastrophe Theory, I’m new at this and have a day job that isn’t related to comics in any way whatsoever. And even though it’s never explicitly mentioned in CT, it’s obvious to anyone who’s read more than ten sentences that I grew up in a very mean family. Point being, I’m grateful that everyone is being so kind in Haunted‘s early, wonky stage! Your support means the world to me.

(Also, I’ve been working on the raps for the next CT chapter. The ViR ones are just so damn impossible to write. But! Progress.)


BREAKING SHITPOST NEWS: Remember that Drawful prompt that nearly sent Esk to her maker?

Well, she did this.



God help us all.