(Note: I’m getting burnt out, so I decided to take this week and the next off. Haunted will resume on July 10!)

We’re going a little closer to home with the Sims Pride 2019 list, curated in 2019 by Trip/InfraGreen who is damn fantastic as hell.

One of my favorite things about SimLit (other than being insulated and relatively hater-free, allowing some pretty awesome people to hide out and develop their talents) is how people are using it to tell more diverse stories, often because the authors themselves belong to groups that don’t get enough media representation. But now there’s a way to fix that! Besides, heaven knows my self-esteem is tied to my daily hits, so you’re likely to make someone’s day by clicking on any one of those stories.

BREAKING SHITPOST NEWS: I took a break on Saturday to do a Drawful session with a friend, which, incidentally, is why this page is very late. Point is, one of the prompts she got was “swallowing a ghost.” And. She. Drew. Yuan. It was G rated but got the point across. There were also several strategic uses of the word “ectoplasm.” As Xiyuan’s handler, you have my full permission to roast him for his paranormal escapades at every possible opportunity, and are encouraged to do so. It’s what he deserves.