I trust you all to have figured this out on your own already, it’s just worth saying that some pages don’t  enhance characterization or drive the story forward, and are there mainly because the author wants to make super-niche jokes about what NYC subways in the late ’90s might look like in the Sims universe.

One more thing: a goal of Haunted has always been to address anti-Asian racism, and I apologize that we haven’t quite gotten there yet, especially with what’s going on in America right now. (During the 2006 bird flu outbreak, I had a teacher who made all the Asian-American kids sit in the back—in a majority Asian-American school. This shit is not new.) If you’re looking for a new organization to support, Stop AAPI Hate has done some great data collection.

In the meantime, if you’d like to use the comment section, forums, or contact form to share examples of anti-Asian racism you’ve experienced or witnessed—to raise awareness or just to vent—feel free. Because it’s wild. I watched a parent make fun of their half-Korean toddler for being mixed race. I don’t even know what the fuck even is this world. At least Xiyuan’s doing okay.

(CT readers: I got mega overwhelmed and took the purity test as all 13 main characters. The results will be released later but here’s a sneak peek at the spreadsheet)

(And CT readers, please explain the alt text for everyone else, lol)