Sunshine and Laughter (Part IV)

Start from Part I It was a straight path from the Shrieking Llama's entrance to his preferred spot. The jacket he wore was constrictive in the shoulders, with metal attachments suggesting he wasn't giving out free hugs anytime soon. He could hand out granola bars from one of its many pockets instead, if that was … Continue reading Sunshine and Laughter (Part IV)

Sunshine and Laughter (Part III)

Start from Part I "Mom, it's eight, I gotta make it to school." Hector, like all members of his species, had an innate sense of time when it came to appointments. Promptly at 8 A.M., when the school day started, or at other government-set times, his neurochemistry lit up like Christmas and he was compelled … Continue reading Sunshine and Laughter (Part III)

Sunshine and Laughter (Part II)

Start from Part I "Pinche pendejo. ¿Qué chingados cree que está haciendo? ¿Qué chingados?" Claudia projected her asshole ex onto the punching bag. She shoved it hard with both hands. You mess with douches, your vag is going to dry out It'd been a couple days since the breakup. She'd cut things off, no trouble, … Continue reading Sunshine and Laughter (Part II)

What Ulfer Learned on Spiritual Journey

"'North' is an incredibly imprecise direction. You're standing on a planet that's speeding at 30km/sec around a star that's going eight times that fast through the galaxy which is itself moving through the cosmic frame at a speed and direction that more or less renders the concepts of speed and direction simultaneously irrelevant and interchangeable. … Continue reading What Ulfer Learned on Spiritual Journey

Venus in Retrograde Rising (Part I)

(One of the joys of SimLit is collaborating with creators who specialize in different areas: some people make gorgeous custom content, others could get an honorary degree in interior design with their Build Mode experience, others master a half-dozen trade programs to set up stunning photographs, others can whip up a character in CAS with … Continue reading Venus in Retrograde Rising (Part I)

Unlike Mike (Part II)

Everyone knew Claudia habitually overreacted to each new room she stepped into, and so it was the first thing they looked forward to when they invited her over. 8 Landgraab, which sent the average threshold-crosser into such severe awe they forgot which celestial temple they were entering, left Claudia scrambling to find enough superlatives for … Continue reading Unlike Mike (Part II)

Unlike Mike (Part I)

"Ah, darling, it's been too long," she said, illuminating with her presence a room not unlike one dreamed up by a kindergartener in their geometric phase who wanted to capture the informed nostalgia of life as depicted in vintage photographs but whose understanding of both causality and color-negative film left something to be desired. Aileen … Continue reading Unlike Mike (Part I)

Bathed in Blue: The Induction of a Legend

By Rachel Walsh (originally published in H&Maid Magazine) It's always crowded in Spice Market, but nine square feet to yourself and a cup of stall-bought tea can plunge you into your own vibrant world. I bring my cup of instant Fall to my nose, and although it's summer outside my little bubble, inside it's heady … Continue reading Bathed in Blue: The Induction of a Legend

Look What You’ve Done to Me, Xishu Liu

As the grey clouds finished relieving themselves of extra weight, the roof of the Casbah Gallery burst forth in glittering splendor from the sunlit reflection of thousands of watery beads. Look closely and you'd notice each bead was caught in an internal battle between stasis, gravity, and surface tension, one that resolved within minutes depending … Continue reading Look What You’ve Done to Me, Xishu Liu