Sunshine and Laughter (Part VII)

Start from Part I The glass of juice in Claudia's hand, she meant to use as a solvent for the frenetic specks marring her composure. It didn't kick in immediately. The bottle's base hitting the counter made a louder echo than she intended---she'd intended no echo---as she pushed it down with her grip, shifting her … Continue reading Sunshine and Laughter (Part VII)

Sunshine and Laughter (Part I)

Newcrest's sweetheart rose to ring in a new day. The master bathroom's air was misty with orange blossom, so thick and so sweet that one whiff felt like being kicked in the face with springtime. Claudia couldn't get over strong smells. Her olfactory footprint was orange blossom and chili powder, which smell like a red … Continue reading Sunshine and Laughter (Part I)

What Ulfer Learned on Spiritual Journey

"'North' is an incredibly imprecise direction. You're standing on a planet that's speeding at 30km/sec around a star that's going eight times that fast through the galaxy which is itself moving through the cosmic frame at a speed and direction that more or less renders the concepts of speed and direction simultaneously irrelevant and interchangeable. … Continue reading What Ulfer Learned on Spiritual Journey

Venus in Retrograde Rising (Part II)

(Same deal as first one: sim credits at the bottom, yada yada.) Jazz Deon/Jenny Trevalyn Jazz/Jenny (they/them) wasn't sure which name to put on the sign-up sheet. They'd forgotten which one they settled on, actually, by the time Neala called for a Jazz Deon to please enter the audition room. Jazz approached the audition room’s … Continue reading Venus in Retrograde Rising (Part II)

Unlike Mike (Part II)

Everyone knew Claudia habitually overreacted to each new room she stepped into, and so it was the first thing they looked forward to when they invited her over. 8 Landgraab, which sent the average threshold-crosser into such severe awe they forgot which celestial temple they were entering, left Claudia scrambling to find enough superlatives for … Continue reading Unlike Mike (Part II)