As it says on the tin. We learned in the previous chapter that Chantel (new readers: girlfriend #1 out of ???) is about to lose bone plasticity and start slowly accumulating hyperlordosis-induced back pain as she prepares for the next step in her switchlike aging process. So, off we go to her birthday party, where she has invited Shu.

And no one else.

Chantel’s birthday party activities, or activity in this case, consist of awkwardly watching romantic comedies with her parents, boyfriend and boyfriend’s mother. She’s delighted! But while Colten and Angela Lucas have already been repeatedly filled in on biographical (and useless re. dreaminess) data about Shu, Chantel didn’t bother reversing her flow of knowledge. He’s left posing simple introductory questions—where did you grow up? Do you prefer cats or dogs? When did you move into this house? Angela/Colten, on the other hand, go for the jugular. What does being in love with someone mean for you? How did the divorce affect your psyche? How’s your relationship with your infamous undead stepfather? Just as the rom-com hero says something that could maybe possibly be interpreted as mildly offensive and the heroine storms off in a tiffy, the conversation reaches the point of sharing personal traumas, which for Shu are mostly book-induced.

The lot traits help with learning social skills. Too bad Shu has already has the max amount of social skills, a slightly unsettling concept—implying no additional personal evolution can happen—so the shinies are just that. Shinies.

Shu was stuck making the birthday cake after the caterer walked into a conversation about sperm count and backed the fuck out before the front door could even close. Sugarless, joyless carob coconut. Chantel doesn’t even balk at this disgusting offering before sacrificing its candles in the commonplace explosive ritual magic aging process.

Hahaha, why would they be asking about something Chantel already measured?

Yes; not even the threat of carob can dampen Chantel’s spirits. She admires the promise ring on her finger, using the other hand to browse Simstagram for its upgrade. Something marquise-cut with rose gold and leaf motifs.

Exercise: Find Chantel’s high school binder (marked Mrs. Xishu Liu so many times that the ink ran out of her pen) and determine where she and Shu are going to live, how many kids they’re going to have, what breezy modern gender-neutral names they’ll be assigned, where the family burial plots are, etc.

Chantel and Aileen have already seen each other in their jammies, freeing the birthday girl to skip introductions and bond with her future in-law over common interests.

While Chantel’s parents bring out a notebook and ask Aileen if she’s a carrier for any recessive genetic disorders, Shu sneaks up to Chantel’s childhood room. It’s spotless, soft blue with warm purple accents, with two dim lamps failing to replicate the daytime effect of sun streaming through her floor-to-ceiling picture windows. He takes out his violin and plays a cheerful tune for her perfectly color-matched unicorn. He renames the unicorn Dick Pasta. Maybe she’ll notice.

(Romeo and Juliet laws apparently don’t apply to controlled characters but do apply to non-controlled characters. That is, Chantel was able to kiss Shu on the cheek but, due to the age difference, he couldn’t reciprocate. The fuck?)

Aileen and Shu are shooed out of the house precisely five hours after their arrival. Once the door is closed, and Chantel has stopped waving through the window, Aileen starts whispering to her son about the general weirdness of it all. Did you see her mouthing along with the speech in A Week in Windenburg? And what were those questions? Aileen doesn’t even know what age-related macular degeneration is.

Shu shrugs it off and continues being Shu.

He has a high enough body count for the Kinsey score formula ceil(num_same_sex_partners/num_partners*6) to be somewhat accurate.

He’s had a crush ever since watching Max kick over a trash can stirred up some uncomfortable feelings. If we can take away anything from Shu’s experience with Shannon, it’s that he has a type.

Across the river, Aileen tries to keep a low profile on her date with the hot astronaut, quickly switching her queued ballad with a cheesy 60’s duet as the yoga hypocrite meanders in her direction. She would try to beat Shu at his own game, she would. It’s not her fault there are only two decent single guys. It’s not her fault she doesn’t click with either of them well enough to not wonder what it would be like to sleep with her yoga instructor.

Yet, thanks to her three-step plan for distraction, she’s forgiven Xiyuan,

and is now gym buddies with his husband.

Exercise: Someone please explain what the fuck Bernard is trying to say. Mimsy knew she was going to die when she went up to the bedroom? Why didn’t she run out of the house? Why does realizing she’s going to die in a fire make her extraordinary? What’s Bernard basing his final conclusion on? And, lastly, what the fresh hell is any of this supposed to mean?

Aileen is a believer in the rule of three. Derrick, Josh, Matt. Since Aileen saw the other two last night, she senses Matt’s presence through walls, a dozen yards away, and decides to make out with him. Girl, you’re covered. But! In an unexpected turn of events, Shu brings a girl home.

That’s right—Sleepover Standoff 4!

Two enter.
One leaves.

(Marielle Beam, by the way. Glutton. Neat. You should have seen her before the makeover.)

Shu’s date was interrupted by a text from his romantic interest, congratulating him for getting a new girlfriend. He’s also a fan of the rule of three.

Exercise: Is this more shamey and passive-aggressive than Elsa’s text, or less? Discuss.

Despite looking like he has the personality of Mark from RENT, Mark from the museum is also an astronaut. Aileen can only hope him and Derrick aren’t in space when they start comparing their sex lives. And yet, do you see Derrick anywhere? Aileen doesn’t. She should know; she can sense boyfriends through walls.

If you have to summarize the current story line to a friend, just show them this image. Then explain how the author didn’t expect to go public with her stories, so the game controls show up in every screenshot and she can’t crop them sometimes. Then watch in anticipation as they scroll through the entry without laughing.

Marielle is having a good time, but forgot item 17 of “45 Ways To Make Your Date Great” in last month’s Simsmapolitan: don’t sleep in your date’s mom’s bed. She’s promptly banished to the A.I.B. as Aileen prepares to consummate her new relationship.

Age-Inappropriate Boudoir, in case you forgot the callback joke

Post-coitus, Matt remembers he needs to pick up his dry cleaning (or check stocks, or some other slipshod adult excuse clarifying why this never happens to Shu), and yeets himself out of the house.

0-4, hahaha mom suck it but metaphorically

Exercise: Can you break The Sims 4 by being a slut?

No shaming here, he identifies as a slut.

Observe the lack of timer on this moodlet. Shu has become the Flirty singularity, and is now permanently horny. (Exercise: Does this change any aspect of his life whatsoever?) Similar to how the frog prince needs to be rescued by a kiss, the only way to save him from this curse is for him to hit on someone, which resets the timer and cures him after four hours. Seduction has become a necessity.

But Shu, refusing to do anything/one halfway, discovers how seduction can become a matter of life and death.

It begins with Shu challenging himself to break a personal record. He’d compete with a friend, if he could, but locker room talk is hardly that if you’re supplying all the stories; by that point it’s locker room monologuing, and he’d rather just spin-change and use the extra 15 minutes to make out with Max. Today, he’s aiming to complete three consecutive dates on a school night. Tomorrow, optimizing his outfit for standing in Magnolia Promenade with a guitar and looking cute.

This challenge is refereed by Shu’s father, future father-in-law, and best friend’s mom/mom’s best friend. None of them agreed to carry scorecards.

Like any reader of last month’s Simsmapolitan, Shu is a master of successful date construction. First: sit down. You have to sit down and talk. If you don’t sit down and talk, be prepared for the bartender to kick you out on your keister with a pack of crayons and a coloring book illustrating your failure, because it’s not a fucking date. You must socialize with your date at least ten times. Experienced daters recommend hiding one’s hands under the table and raising a finger for each successful interaction. You must continue to initiate a discrete set of at minimum one and at maximum three predetermined platonic or romantic interactions. You cannot initiate either only platonic or either only romantic interactions; you have to do both. Four total. Only then can you claim to have enjoyed spending time with another Sim.

Billie’s single required platonic interaction is to get into the playful spirit. Thinking quickly, Shu scours facebook for ironic minion memes. They stumble upon the PlumbBook page of an elder Sim with a love of the yellow tic-tacs and teen-like preoccupation with self-serving politics. Opinions, compression artifacts, and hasty edits overflow from his phone screen.

All too suddenly, Shu finds himself in danger of choking on his own spit from laughing too hard.

He excuses himself to calm down in the mirror, but it doesn’t work. (One of the minions had similar glasses.) Plan B is to flirt with Billie like his life depends on it; it’s his only hope.

And, damn it, it works. Shu thanks Billie for saving his life, escorts her out of the club, walks back in, and starts texting the next girl.

Elsa seems to have accepted Shu for who he is: not the best long-term option but cheaper than a movie ticket.

Don’t worry, father of the year! They sat down and talked first.

Alright, Elsa, that was fun, but—nope, he’s thinking about minions again.

Minions: Not even once

Shu leaves the date early in shame. His challenge was failed, his night is ruined. While he’s sleeping off the side effects of combining “things Boomers criticize Gen Z for” with “things Gen Z criticize Boomers for,” Aileen chills with the Jeong-Espinosas. (Come to think of it, everyone except Bernard is Gen Z, if Gen Z lived in a state of cultural stasis. They also did technically experience climate change.)

Aileen had barely walked through the door when this popped up:

Aw, shucks, thanks. Aileen couldn’t have done this without the help of her supportive friends, Mike and Claudia. Where’s Claudia?

Claudia, you silly goose! Come downstairs and celebrate with your friends!

You know what, close enough.

Claudia will always provide an optimistic take on Aileen’s existential crisis du jour. She’s excited to vicariously experience the whole three-boyfriend thing, and Aileen’s having a stable enough day to face Claudia’s brand of slurred positivity head-on, so dish they do. (The other dish is just watching.) After two hours of active listening to pros & cons/compulsive cocktail-crafting, Claudia presents her final verdict of “they all sound woooooonderful, my dear.” Even Josh? “There’s a little something special in everyone.” But what will Aileen do? “Don’t worry, everything always works itself out in the end.” Aileen knows no one can make this decision for her, and, internally rolling her eyes at the lack of productive input, prompts Claudia to list Hector’s activities this month. Temporal order, alphabetical, random, just knock yourself out.

A recently recovered Shu goes back to the nightclub to parade yet another romantic interest in front of his heavily pregnant future mother-in-law.

At least there are no books in the nightclub, someone could leave one on a table and then where would we be?

Genevieve Haskins isn’t afraid to power-clash or make a young boy’s dreams come true.

‘Player’ is one of the most reasonable aspiration rewards, based on the premise that if you make your way through romantic partners like creampuffs at an all-you-can-eat buffet, the community is eventually going to realize you’re making your way through romantic partners like creampuffs at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Congratulations! Your reward is sleeping with more people. Now, when one of Shu’s dozens of girlfriends witnesses him making out in public with someone else, they’ll shrug it off, the same way they do when they learn of his indiscretions from a text.

Exercise: Two trains move toward each other starting at 800 miles apart. One train is moving at 110 mph, the other is moving at 160 mph. How many times is Shu going to take advantage of his hard-earned reputation before the trains meet?

Aileen, as addressed earlier, has no such enhanced reputation.

Where’s the social interaction “have honest, ethical discussion about opening the relationship?”

She continues to simultaneously ignore Claudia’s advice while doing exactly what Claudia suggested—waiting it out. Of Aileen’s partners, Derrick seems to care about her the most. No one else invites her out. This should be a non-issue, shouldn’t it? But Aileen isn’t worried about choosing between three suitors; rather, she’s disturbed by her lack of connection with any of them. The longer this conflict draws out, the harder it is for Aileen to believe she’ll get her happy ending. She finds herself spacing off during the date to escape into the two-dimensional duochrome world of Chantel’s rom-coms.

On the bright side, there won’t be a Sleepover Showdown for once! She wins by default! She—

Exercise: Compute the odds of this bullshit happening

By the looks of it, Derrick missed the abduction because a hummingbird moth was buzzing around the hydrangeas and left for a nice jog around the park. She’ll be fine! ‘Aileen’ and ‘alien’ kind of sound similar, anyway.

Aileen is returned to Earth—eventually—but makes it back in time to ignore her son at the Romance Festival. They both bring dates: Josh,

Rule! Of! Three!

and some teenage girl Shu met earlier that day at a PB&J meeting.

Seema (two awful traits) probably goes to a different school, otherwise she’d know getting within video-showing range of Shu is a bad idea
Welcome to Shu. Please keep your arms and legs outside your clothes at all times. Audience in the first two rows may get wet.

Seduction is a well-documented art. In fact, it’s a bizarre interpretive dance in which one waves their body like a flag and makes these vile misophonia-triggering noises. (Exercise: Actually try to “Attempt to Seduce” someone. See how that goes.)

Aileen wins the Sleepover Standoff for once, and takes full advantage.

1-4! She’s still thinking about Derrick!

And yet, even when she wins, she loses. Note the painting of the woman behind the mirror. It’s there—

—and then it’s gone. That painting was worth a couple hundred dollars. Aileen hasn’t noticed and she’s ready for a second round, so, eh.

Aileen has some personal issues to work out, and she’s about to start living in her head a lot more. Today, she completes one of the most useful, challenging, and visually uninteresting life goals.

Forget jealousy! She controls life itself! Petty squabbles mean nothing to a woman who just developed godlike powers! Why, the motivation boost from spitting in death’s face is enough for one to be the bad parent and give Shu the WooHoo talk.

“Young man, correct me one more time and you’re grounded from sleepovers.”

Shu learns he will get pregnant and die just in time for his birthday.

Shu made his own birthday cake, then he made his real birthday cake because some piece of fuck decided his first cake was up for grabs. We’re not looking at anyone in particular here.

Before the last candle is extinguished, Shu presses ‘Send’ on a PlumbBook status that should really be read as a warning to adult Sim women. Four of his closest girlfriends mingle with each other and close family friends. (Xiyuan’s outside with the plants again.) All things considered, it’s significantly less awkward than his last birthday party.

Shu doesn’t need a third trait—he’s already a pretty strong character—but is now a Dance Machine. This way, he gets a little extra enjoyment out of doing what he do.

Shu the overachiever entered adulthood with nine girlfriends and eight maxed skills. Yes, neither of those are typos: nine girlfriends and eight maxed skills. (Also Max.) In reverse order: Charisma, Cooking, Fitness, all 3 instruments, Painting, Singing, barely missed Gourmet Cooking with a 9; and Chantel Lucas, Shannon Bheeda, Elsa Bjergsen, Genevieve Haskins, Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis, Billie Jang, and three other Sims. For reference, Claudia (MVP) also has eight maxed skills. His dad only has five.

Since Shu’s rather more of a Parallel than a Serial romantic, collecting several favorite girlfriends in the same room is used here to help him determine whether he has a favorite.

Exercise: Guess who?


Yeah, it’s heartwarming, isn’t it? Despite her insistence on indoor sunglasses, and his on seeing everyone naked, there may actually be something to Chantel and Shu’s relationship.

The official party hasn’t ended before an unofficial party starts in the A.A.B.

fridge horror, they can’t change the sheets

For those of you prepared to scoff at the “Break out the candles, and make it romantic…” message, “Mess Around” totally counts.

times kissed > meals eaten

For generational parting gifts, Aileen gave Shu the Book of Life, and Shu gave Aileen a painting to replace the one Josh stole.

Exercise: Who invited Shu to the musical? Ok, it was Xiyuan. That one’s too easy.

They engage in one last Sleepover Standoff, which Aileen won.

Final score: 2-4

Releasing Shu from captivity is like throwing a pig into a pit of starving wolves, but one obstacle remains before we can see the fallout from this disaster.

Yes, it’s the dreaded


1. Is Shu a counterexample to Aileen’s Theorem; that is, is he a good man?

2. Who will Aileen end up with?

3. What career is Shu going to enter?

Good luck.

The Jensen-Liu Family: Aileen and Shu Rack Up the Partner Count Until Everyone is Uncomfortable, Pt. II
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12 thoughts on “The Jensen-Liu Family: Aileen and Shu Rack Up the Partner Count Until Everyone is Uncomfortable, Pt. II

  • December 17, 2019 at 11:31 am

    “Whoa! She’s the main character in a rom-com.” Made me laugh. So true, they’re all the same – why fix what ain’t broke, I guess.
    Quality two parter. I am amazed at Shu’s ability to string on so many people at once. But the fact that he’s kissed more than he’s eaten (meals, that is…) is either a highly commendable achievement or something he’s going to hell for. Let God decide.

    • December 17, 2019 at 9:54 pm

      Anyone who sneaks a peek at his day planner is going to be traumatized for life…

  • January 29, 2020 at 9:16 am

    Wow, Chantel actually allowed Shu to cook at her house without asking him to stop? She must be truly in love with him. My Sims always get a “This is inappropriate. Please stop.” “This is inappropriate, please stop.” “Alright that’s enough, I’m gonna ask you to leave now.” How dare they try to bake them a nice cake… or a nice grand meal for family holidays?! What rascals.
    I see Chantel dreaming of them settling down right in the Pinnacles of Del Sol Valley (if you even own that EP, if not I’m gonna guess, uh, some high rise apartment in San Mysh in that rich people district), with 3.5 kids named Kulture, Apple, North and Gravity and two Pomeranians named Princess and Fu-Fu.
    Shu and Max, huh? Now there’s a pairing I like to say. He’s that evil rich kid, right? I were Shu, I’d marry the hell out of the dude. That Villareal estate is biiiiig.
    Exercise: Can you break The Sims 4 by being a slut? Not sure if it counts, but I added one of my friends’ most sluttiest Sims to my game and he somehow broke MCCC and caused MCCC to marry him off to literally everyone. I have polygamy turned off but this dude somehow managed to get married to like 4 women at the same time. So yes… yes, I think you can.
    I’m proud of Shu for completing that aspiration. Now he can finally fool around with all them gals and boys without anyone ever getting jealous! That’s gotta be his dream.
    1. Is Shu a counterexample to Aileen’s Theorem; that is, is he a good man?
    I’m sure he’s not a bad man… but based on the way he juggled all them partners, and the fact that one of his crushes is an evil rich kid with scarily thin eyebrows, I don’t think I’d exactly call him a good man either. Though I do feel like he’s gonna get far in life, like, career-wise and all that. Like, I’d call Charlie a good man. Shu… is just Shu.
    2. Who will Aileen end up with?
    Definitely not klepto-guy, is what I hope!
    3. What career is Shu going to enter?
    Hmm, let me think… I could see him trying out multiple careers, but I have no idea where he’d start. Politics, maybe? Entertainer? If I’m totally frank, I don’t even remember most of the careers since my Sims rarely enter any.

    • January 29, 2020 at 7:24 pm

      Those are the kind of kids’ names that make me go /damn, I wish I thought of that name/. Bahahaha. It’s like Baby Mama. “Romaine, Cheyenne, time to go. We have a playdate with Wingspan and Banjo.” And I hope the 0.5 is because Shu has a kid from a different woman—though I have a feeling your sims would read his story with their feet up on a bassinet and a kid in each arm, thinking “haha, amateur.”

      Breaking MCCC is a much more dramatic sluttiness gamebreaker than Shu’s permanent Flirty mood. Slut-five!

      That final exam was supposed to be multiple-choice before WordPress threw a tantrum and ate the parts that weren’t traditional blocks. I think the answers to the first one were (a) yes, (b) no, and (c) HAHAHAHAHAHA. But you passed anyway! (Mostly for the anticlimactic dig at Max: he was evil, rich, AND had no brow game! Shu is grey at best but at least he has eyebrows.) Congratulations, you can keep reading the story.

      • January 30, 2020 at 9:15 am

        You should look up word names on Nameberry sometime, I remember reading word names like Calamity and Disaster on there LOL.
        Also, that is totally true. All of my (older) generation 1 Sims have at least 5 children by now… get on their level, Shu! Smh.

        @ the final exam…. what can I say… I just like a challenge, I guess. 😂

  • July 11, 2020 at 11:14 am

    Haha so many bodies in this chapter. I’m impressed Shu managed to complete the serial romantic aspiration as a teen, the only time I’ve attempted it was with a teen who was also a loner and she had me convinced she hated all the dudes that were falling to their knees at her feet, so I put a stop to it haha.

    It’s obvious he liked Chantel more than the others, he went through the effort of making her a cake and everything!

    1. Hm…. he doesn’t seem bad, per say? It’s the endearing face, probably! I don’t know. Something about him just makes me go “oh, it’s all good, he’s a sweetpea” – which is probably the same thing all the ladies see, lol!

    2. Does she have to ‘end up with’ someone, necessarily? Went pretty poorly the first time around, at least now she’s having fun, living life to the fullest. I hope she tried to seduce the aliens when she got abducted too 😆

    3. I could picture him in one of the freelancer careers. Or politician.

    • July 12, 2020 at 1:14 pm

      Loner and Serial Romantic? Boy, what a combo. I need to know how she got there.

      And as for the exam answers, oh no, did WordPress eat the multiple-choice options again? I’ll redo that. You passed! I’d guess you’re picking up on elements of Shu’s character that don’t become obvious until later, so, good eye. (I may be biased here.)

      Also true. Aileen’s life doesn’t begin and end at her relationship, and she knows that.

  • September 20, 2020 at 7:07 pm

    Heh, is there anyone Shu wouldn’t do? Chantel is obviously the favorite, but I get the impression Shu’s one of those people who’s all “Yep, in theory I can see myself happy with anyone, really.” Is it being easy to please? Having the ability to see the good in anyone? Reckless optimism? Ridiculously easy-going personality? (But with those maxed-out skills, he’s obviously both driven and talented.) And then we have Aileen, who fears she’ll have to settle. They’re such fundamentally different people.

    Laughing about how A.I.B (Age-Inappropriate Boudoir) changed to A.A.B. (Age-Appropriate Boudoir).

  • April 11, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    I’m still of the mind that Shu is an alright person due to the minimal pissing off involved. And can Aileen really absolve herself of all blame? 😛
    Aileen will laugh in your face and choose the baldy.
    Entertainer because of the skills and being rockstar levels deep in pussy (and Max)

  • January 13, 2022 at 1:26 am

    i’m not poly so I don’t know what i’m talking about, but I always assumed the only ethical way to be poly is if your partners are aware of it and cool about it. Which, in real life, means having some kind of communication with said partners. But in Sims Logic, I guess that’s represented by the Player trait? So congrats Shu, you’re being ethical by not hurting people’s feelings and being transparent about being a Player? (assuming of course, the end justifies the means…)

    would it be insensitive if i asked my poly friends how many boy/girlfriends they had to go through (8?) to unlock the ability to be poly?

    • January 22, 2022 at 6:31 pm

      It’s true, the Player trait makes absolutely no sense in that regard—something I wanted people to catch on to in Shu’s story. If Sims are gonna walk up to a bartender and start flirting while on their anniversary dinner, can’t we make them poly by default?


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