What Ulfer Learned on Spiritual Journey

"'North' is an incredibly imprecise direction. You're standing on a planet that's speeding at 30km/sec around a star that's going eight times that fast through the galaxy which is itself moving through the cosmic frame at a speed and direction that more or less renders the concepts of speed and direction simultaneously irrelevant and interchangeable. … Continue reading What Ulfer Learned on Spiritual Journey

Venus in Retrograde Rising (Part II)

(Same deal as first one: sim credits at the bottom, yada yada. Incidentally, WordPress users, the site decided Part I was published on January 22nd instead of the date it was actually published, February 9th, so the notification got buried. Nah, I'm not salty about it. Part I is here.) Jazz Deon/Jenny Trevalyn Jazz/Jenny (they/them) … Continue reading Venus in Retrograde Rising (Part II)